Welcome, I am so grateful you are here!

You are here for a purpose – the universe has conspired to bring us together!


Hello, my name is  Laura D Bean and I am a Life CoachFeminine Manifesting Method™ Mentor. My passion is to support busy women manifest their big, bold, balanced dream life. What I do is help women overcome the struggles overwhelm, overwork, self-doubt and lack of self-nurturing that comes with a busy life by reconnecting them to their sacred feminine power & teaching them to speak the secret language of the universe so that they merge their spirit with work, speak their authentic truth, be filled with joyful purpose, follow their dreams and be successful in all areas of their life.

I have always felt a calling toward Spirituality and to be a support and guiding light to others on their life path journey.  Through gentle coaching, healing and empowering strategies I support career women to open to their own innate divinity, healing and personal growth.

I bet you are a dynamic person striving for a purposeful, balanced, authentic way to express yourself.

You are probably motivated to make some changes in your life for vibrant energy, optimal health, peak performance and more fulfilling relationships. You are probably ready to step into your authentically empowered sacred feminine self to lead a more vital, harmonious and satisfying life.

But sometimes…

You feel stuck and have a hard time making decisions. You just don’t know how to manifest the life you desire. Maybe you are experiencing a life transition that feels overwhelming and quite possibly your unconscious negative self-talk or limiting beliefs are holding you back from reaching your potential. Or perhaps it is starting to feel like your significant relationships lack harmony. You are starting to worry that you are losing touch with your joy…and more often than you would like to admit, your life feels stuck, empty and too often mundane. Right now you are struggling to integrate your self-parts (parent/spouse/professional) and feel torn in all directions and you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your work.

But you know

You desire more balance, joy, health and purpose in your life. You are ready to make some changes and willing to do the work and take responsibility for changing the elements in your life that are causing dissatisfaction, ill-health and stress.

What you need is help tapping into your inner wise-self, finding your authentic voice, and uncovering and clearing the obstacles so you can reach your potential to better relationships, career, health, and abundance with clarity balance, and peace.

Because you know that if you had someone who would walk with you and guide you to access your fearless, whole, joyful self that you could face and clear the obstacles to manifesting a life that you truly desire.

A bit about who I am and why I am qualified to help you…

* 4-Year Bachelor of Human Ecology with a Major in Family Studies Major and an emphasis in Psychology from the University of Manitoba. * Certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a Mental Health First Aid Practitioner. * Studied with Alliance of Divine Love. * Certified Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher with certified training/experience in other healing modalities including BodyTalk Access, EFT and Emotional Releasing Techniques. * Over 28 years counselling/advising experience working in the education system at the University of Manitoba. * Over 10 year experience in private practice.

In short, I am a life coach who employs a spiritually integrated approach, manifesting mentor, motivational speaker, meditation & Reiki teacher, and energy worker/healer.

To my very core, I believe we are co-creators in our reality and that we all have the power to manifest the most vibrant, biggest, yummiest, highest version of ourselves and our life.

Do you want…

to end the overwhelm, overwork, negative self-talk and lac of self-nurturing that comes with a busy life so you can understand who you are at a soul level and your unique divine nature, how that plays out in all of your life areas, how to feel fulfilled and be living with purpose, and how to be a powerful co-creator of a magical life?

(How?) I can help you…

  • tap into your inner divinely wise-self
  • speak with your authentic voice
  • uncover and clear obstacles that keep you stuck
  • increase your health and vitality
  • reduce your stress, tension and anxiety
  • end overwhelm and self-neglect
  • create better relationships
  • speak the language of the Universe
  • manifest your desires and dreams

I’m excited to work with women who…

  • are ready to step into the highest version of themselves
  • highly committed and motivated to change
  • are craving more self-care and self-acceptance
  • desire more sensuality and joy in life
  • are willing to make changes even if it seems scary
  • are willing to accept there will be growing pains
  • are willing to take responsibility for co-creating life
  • desire to integrate their spirituality into everyday life
  • appreciate the beauty in life and will “stop to smell the roses”
  • believe life can big, juicy and fun!

My programs are not for women who…

  • are looking for a quick fix
  • are not willing to take responsibility for their shadow parts
  • blame others for their circumstances
  • don’t believe in a higher power
  • don’t desire to develop their intuition
  • aren’t interested in merging Spirit into their everyday life

I look forward to start working with you 1-on-1 to take your life to the next level! Just click here and fill out this form to get started!